Private sellers

Property Sellers

Many thanks for contacting EPCgloucestershire and I have some great news. You have already saved yourself time and most likely saved yourself money on the cost of your domestic EPC.

Dealing directly with me your surveyor and not a third party is more likely result in a problem free process. So let me explain what happens next.


You are enquiring about an Energy Performance Certificate on your property because you need one to sell. But do you know if you have a perfectly adequate one already. I don’t believe in unnecessary costs so I will be checking before we go any further:

2.Arranging appointment

A simple discussion checking diaries and making sure time and day is convenient for both. The EPC usually takes less than one hour. I can meet you at the property or with complete confidence, collect keys from an agent or safe place.

3.Available Information

Various bits of information are crucial to ensure your EPC will be as accurate as possible. So if you have documentation relating to changes to the property, this will aid the process as evidence is crucial and required by the surveyor to record it correctly. This could be a Building Control Certificate, a Certificate for cavity fill or a Fensa Certificate for new windows.

Don’t worry if you haven’t. This information may also be available online or even visually obvious during the survey.

4.What I need to do

I need to sketch a plan of your property on my iPad, I need to access all rooms in the property, collect information and some photographs of the heating, lighting and windows for each room. I will also need to access your heating system. This maybe a boiler, a Hot Water Cylinder if available, your boiler controls such as programmer, radiator stats and room stat.

If you have solar panels or any other renewable technologies on your property, these will also be recorded and any documentation for these items would be very helpful. I will also need to check and measure where possible the insulation thickness to all accessible loft voids from mine or your loft ladder.

Apart from taking a photograph of mains gas and electric meters, front and rear elevations then that’s basically it.

5.What you need to do

You need to relax and not worry about a thing. You have a qualified, accredited and professional surveyor in your home. You will have help with any questions you may have regarding your EPC. For a property sales EPC, there is no pass or fail.

Many thanks for choosing EPCgloucestershire.